Amphibian Systematics

amphibians, DNA barcoding, systematics, R, biogeography

Amphibian Systematics

A great deal of work needs to be done to update the taxonomy and systematics of African amphibians and to gain a deeper understanding about aspects of their natural history. Recent years, perhaps fuelled by the proliferation of molecular barcoding techniques coupled with phylogenetic and coalescence species delimitation methods, have seen a surge in systematic revisions and newly described species. Together with many colleagues, I have contributed to furthering our understanding of species, their distributions, biogeography and natural history for a number of African amphibians. Follow some of these stories here:

A new genus of forest toad A new spiny-throated reed frog! Press

Parallel diversification of African Tree toads

Thirty years of surveying the Ukaguru Mountains

The story of two reedfrogs

Tadpoles with mouths like funnels

An R tool for working with amphibian systematics

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Simon Loader, John Lyakurwa, Lucinda Lawson, Mark-Oliver Rödel, Hendrik Müller
February 1, 2024