The Team



H. Christoph Liedtke

Christoph is a researcher at the Estación Biológica de Doñana, in Seville, Spain. He is interested in applying different approaches to studying trait evolution at different scales. Currently, he is interested in applying comparative phylogenetic methods to study life history evolution across amphibians, applying transcriptomics to study environmentally sensitive gene expression networks He is also interested in studying the systematics and biogeography of African amphibians. Read his


Ivan Gomez-Mestre

Ivan, based at the Biological Station of Doñana, is interested in the evolution of phenotypic plasticity and the role of plasticity in evolution.

PhD Students


John Lyakurwa

John is a is based at the department of zoology and wildlife conservation at the University of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. He is interested in the systematics and biogeography of Tanzanian amphibians and reptiles, especially Eastern Arc endemics.


Paula Sianes

Paula is a biologist who has always been intrigued by genetics and epigenetics. She has recently become interested in bioinformatics and now studies how genome size and architecture may have been shaped during evolution in relation to developmental rate and plasticity. To this end, she works with the larvae of several closely related anuran species


Rafa Rico

Rafa has been interested in evolutionary ecology since he started his studies in biology. He is currently studying the behavioral and morphological antipredator responses of various anuran species and their dependence upon stress hormones. He is also addressing the adaptive divergence in developmental plasticity among populations from a functional genomic perspective.

Colleagues and Collaborators


Simon Loader

Simon is the Principal Curator of Vertebrates at the Natural History Museum in London. His research focus is systematics, investigating the current patterns and processes behind the maintenance and formation of biodiversity, especially of East African amphibians and reptiles.


Hendrik Müller

Hendrik is Curator of Zoology at Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany, He works on amphibian morphology and development. He is interested in how development changes in relation to different life history strategies, such as direct development or viviparity.


Lucinda Lawson

Lucinda is a computational evolutionary biologist at the University of Cincinnati. She is focused on understanding how species diverge and evolve in response to intrinsic and extrinsic forces in their environment.


Andrew Mehring

Andrew, assistant professor of Ecosystem Ecology at the University of Louisville, is fasciated by ecosystem ecology and community ecology.


Chi-Shiun Wu

Chi-Shiun is assistant professor at the Chinese Culture University in Taipei.